Our name and inspiration are taken from Galen of Pergamon. Like him we believe that it is important to combine philosophical thought with medical practice utilising an interdisciplinary approach. We do not accept the standard accepted beliefs about how to measure health but instead apply the latest technology combined with theory.

Galen Research shares the same thirst for knowledge as our namesake, although we have the advantage of rather more scientifically rigorous and thorough techniques.

Established over 20 years ago, we are now the worldwide leader in disease-specific patient-reported outcomes, having developed measures for over 30 chronic health conditions. We focus on increasing the competence of measurement to improve the reliability and integrity of the results we provide. Trusted by health professionals, such as the European Medicines Agency, we’ve built an exceptional reputation for being the best at what we do.

Our measures have been translated into 60 languages and are used by the pharmaceutical industry, medical charities, the NHS and health services worldwide to support the development of treatments, validate treatments and the associated cost, and to develop labelling claims for products. We also have strong links with academic institutions, such as the medical schools of Leeds and Manchester universities, through collaborative research.

Galen Research is different

  • We are not a contract research organisation (CRO).
  • We are scientists not administrators - we design and run our own studies.
  • We only adapt high quality outcome measures into new languages - primarily our own.
  • We only develop high quality patient-reported outcome measures that are based on theory and that are reliable, valid, reproducible and unidimensional. Few other measures approach their quality.
  • Our aims