Our team combines impressive credentials
with genuine compassion

Galen Research was founded in 1989 by Dr Stephen McKenna, a respected scientist and researcher. Working as a close-knit family, the company now includes a number of highly qualified researchers as well as a supportive admin team.

Our Senior Researchers

Professor Stephen McKenna PhD, AFBPsS, C.Psychol

Director of Galen Research

Before co-founding Galen Research in 1989, Stephen worked in various academic departments concerned with clinical, social, occupational and community health. He now specialises in the development of disease-specific questionnaires. He is widely published, lectures around the world and is an internationally recognised expert.


Jeanette Wilburn MSc

Senior Research Associate

Jeanette has vast interviewing experience dealing with numerous conditions. She has in-depth knowledge of interpreting interviewing data and in analysing the results of our questionnaires to provide reliable and useful data.


James Twiss BSc (Hons)

Senior Research Associate

James is highly experienced in analysing and assessing questionnaires as they are being developed. He is also an expert in conducting research into the interpretation of questionnaire results.