Taking part is quick, easy and much appreciated

When you agree to take part in medical research with Galen, you might be asked to help in one of three ways.

Sometimes we work with companies or healthcare organisations who are researching a condition that we have already prepared a questionnaire on, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis. In this instance, we would ask you to complete the questionnaire for their particular study.

We also work with companies to develop new questionnaires for different conditions. In this instance, you might be asked to take part in an interview with a researcher, either at your home or in our offices, whichever you prefer. By talking one-to-one about what it’s like to have your condition and how your life has been affected, we can identify the most important issues to you include the questionnaire. We then prepare a draft questionnaire and invite several patients to sit with a researcher and talk through it to make sure it covers the right questions, that they’re easy to understand and easy to answer. Once the new questionnaire is finalised, you might be asked to complete it as part of the actual clinical study.

Whichever stage you’re involved in, it could help shape the future of medicine for years to come.