Your feedback helps develop the treatments
and medicines of the future

Research based on medical examinations tells one story. Research based on talking to the patients themselves can tell a very different one.

Medical professionals have realised how important it is to ask patients how they think their condition affects them, how their treatment affects them and also how they actually feel about it.

Responses from patients such as yourself give a much clearer picture of the success or shortcomings of a treatment. The results we compile from a questionnaire give scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals accurate information to work with, which they use in a variety of ways.

It may be used to develop treatments, show that a particular treatment is working well and, in some cases, justify the cost to decision makers. It may also be used to develop claims to be used on packaging (manufacturers can’t claim that a product, for example, improves Quality of Life if there’s no actual proof).

By taking part, you’re playing a vital role in the development of treatment and medicines for the future, which will ultimately help people like you enjoy a better quality of life. We really appreciate you taking part so, from everyone at Galen, thank you.